In Twilight’s Embrace – Trembling CD


1. Laughing Stock, a Burning Stake
2. Into the Mouth of Madness
3. Opowieść zimowa (Armia cover)


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Three tracks immortalized during “The Grim Muse” sessions, featuring the cover version of “Opowieść zimowa” by Polish dark punk icons Armia. A 14 minutes long maelstrom of soulpiercing Death Metal.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Left Hand Sounds by Marcin Rybicki. Performed by Cyprian Łakomy (vox), Leszek Szlenk (guitars), Marcin Rybicki (bass) and Dawid Bytnar (drums). Guitar solo on ‘Laughing stock, a burning stake’ by Szymon Szymkowiak. Lyrics by Cyprian Łakomy except ‘Opowieść zimowa’. Layout by Black Moon Design. Poznań 2014-2016.

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Arachnophobia Records